Monday, 24 November 2008

Saturday, 15 November 2008


I was talking to a 'friend' the other day, and we were both trying to 'help' understand why we were all so exhausted.. Why perhaps as a result of marital arguments, we were too tired to even deal with any of it. Adrenals and thyroid came up in conversation. I saw that it was definately something I would like to address in myself, as I am type A, so very dynamic and often running on 'adrenaline'.. It's highly important to find balance in life, to 'chillax', and to not over do anything.. Otherwise the Adrenals get depleted and ultimately lead to other conditions not to be ignored. Let me look deeper into this and find some good ways to a: recognise the symptoms, and b: perhaps work on healing that 'modern day' issue we are all suffering from.. Oh i hear it on a day to day basis!

Infact I was giving my friend Kathryn a massage only yesterday, and her adrenals were quite tight. I gave her one, because somebody gave me one and I noticed such a huge difference just from having that 'contact' with somebody.

so step 1.

why not offer a good friend a massage for the hell of it :) Why are we all so 'touch phobe' at times.. you know u want to! :D


I was talking to a new friend called Hayley Whittle the other day, who is the beautiful GF of John B but also a genius in her own right. She was telling me that she was baking a Christmas Cake.. I thought 'nice'! But then my mind started wandering as I gazed out the window of the Branch line to london 'how about a 'raw christmas cake'... Just for the 'challenge'.

I googled and found this..

If any other readers know if a good Raw Christmas cake let me know and I'll post a link