Wednesday, 13 May 2009


This Morning I was in a total rush as usual to get the kids to school on time. I sorted them out then came home to make my own breakfast. Tim my BF was also late, so I asked him if he would like some scambled eggs. He said he didn't have time so I decided to make some anyway for myself. I noticed we had some Nori Seaweed, tomatoes and fresh Spinach, so this is what I did. It took me so little time that Tim changed his mind and decided to try it - it went down a treat.

THE BREAKFAST WRAP.jpg @ 33.3% (BREAKFAST WRAP Ingredients: Tw, RGB/8*)

DSC_0685.JPG @ 33.3% (Simply scramble up two eggs, w, RGB/8*)

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Friday, 1 May 2009


There is no excuse for avoiding greens in your diet, especially if you live in the Uk as we have free food in abundance. The other day I took my kids for a lovely nature walk and showed them which foods and weeds can be eaten.

Clevers aka Goosegrass




Watercress. We know that we can't pick watercress if there are sheep fields nearby though, as that could lead to parasites, but in our town it used to be the main supplier to all the markets and there are no sheep fields nearby, we always wash it thoroughly with a good veggie wash



We even sampled some edible primroses. But not too many. We didn't want to pick them all so that others couldn't enjoy their beauty



One day we may have to live like this again, we may have to run into the woods and rebuild our lives and live more simply. At least we will know where to get our greens from because the supermarkets may be empty.

My kids will know how to survive.


They are totally amazed and excited by this idea and insisted that we move into the forest and live off primroses forever.


Well we've all heard about Swein Flu. What can we do about it to protect ourselves.. I have been talking to various friends who are interested in Healthy living, and here are some of the things they recommended.

1. Wash Hands thoroughly, and carry some of that hand wash around that doesn't need water.
2. Colloidal Silver nasal spray. Any signs of a tingling zap it with this stuff. Also use it on flights, even better a good face mask.
3. Boost immune system with Raw foods and try and keep as alkaline as possible so that a virus can't have a nice breeding ground in which to thrive.
4. Grilled Oranges for breakfast. Just cut oranges into quarters then grill till blackened on top. The Pith combined with the juice creates a good blood cleanser - read previous blog.
5. Dale Pinnock recommended the amazing Mushroom family like Reishi, Maiki, I use Host Defense HOST DEFENSE

6. Laughter is the best immune booster. Try not to dwell on the Armageddon aspects, enjoy the now, and try not to worry so much. We're all going to die one day anyway, it's a fact.


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