Friday, 29 August 2008

Green for Life.


Everyday, I try and have at least '1' green smoothie. I go into the garden and pick stuff like 'nettles', dandelion leaves', and spinach, kale.. Whatever is going 'except bind weed' which I am having a nightmare getting rid of.. Put it in a blender, add a banana, and blend with apple juice. I swear as soon as I have drank it, my eyes light up, I get tingling of energy, I start thinking 'good positive thoughts', and it's so much more stimulating than having a cup of coffee as far as 'energy goes'. We often can think we need 'coffee' when we start to slump but that can really exhaust our pancreas and spleen function through over stimulation and then lead to cronic exhaustion.

I do actually 'love' yerba mate which I know has 'caffeine' in it.. I have that first thing in the morning in a 'gourd' with a bombilla straw'.. Infact I am so obsessed with yerba mate I would confess to it being my 'drug' addiction.. The ritual of it, the way you put the mate into the gourd, shake it in a certain way, add water.. etc.. it's very grounding and ritualistic.. We all need a little ritual in our lives.. I find it quite homely when I take it abroad on my travels. The first thing I usually do when i get to a hotel room is set up the gourd, the bombilla straw, the flask.. I even made a Mate Museum in second life.. Where people can go and read all about it's properties.. The brand I prefer is the organice 'che yerba mate'.. CHE MATE

I have had my Gourd now for 4 years.. I am very attached to it.. The photos are the 'real texture' from my own gourd. Second Life is a great 'educational tool'..

Thursday, 28 August 2008

There is such a thing as a 'free lunch' actually. :)

Today I went for my usual 'run' around the fields where I live.. I have to 'get out' the house every day and off the 'wires'.. Look at Green things, tap into the power of nature, and 'breath breath breath' mostly out, but in again - deeeeeply. On the way I saw that there are very nice Dandelion leaves which u can 'eat' in salads.. Dandelion is good for kidney function.

I listened to my Ipod and got lost in the music and the scenery..

Then I went home and made a 'raw lunch'.. Most of it was free..First I had some salad... Most of it just needed some dressing.. I added some advocado and some raw pesto which works well with Dandelion leaves as they can be quite 'bitter' tasting... and a sprinkling of 'raw cacao nibs'. For desert I made a raw berry 'tart' type of thing.. By blending up some pecan nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds in the coffee grinder, adding some agave nectar and making a nice 'bass'. Then I blended the berries, with rasberries and a banana with coconut oil.. and let it set in the 'fridge for a bit'.. It's much nicer than crumble.

The other day I met up with Deneise who is an amazing woman.. I said she should start a new 'cult' because when she gives u a hug, her healing energy passes straight to your heart.. She is like a 'Mother Meera'... :)My spirit knows her better than my brain does.. She is 'one of the special ones'.. Deneise read my pulses and told me to 'go to bed early' for a bit, and to eat warmed up foods'. Raw does not always mean 'cold' you can make soups too and put foods in the dehdrator to heat them a bit so that the spleen and kidney function doesn't go into shock. In summer salads are fine, but in Autumn and winter those are the areas that are susceptible to stress and to cold..

Oh and My Mum told me something of value the other day.. (we are from a family of Doctors from Mums side)Which is to be careful with 'linseeds' and nuts in general. To chew them very well because if you have any issues such as Diviticulitis or bowel issues.. It could lead to problems. (luckily i don't) but also these small seeds eaten in large amounts can also maybe lead to issues such as Appendix rupture etc... I 'grind them' mostly in a coffee grinder before consuming.. Just a tip there.. ;) - thanks Mum.