Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Are your nerves a bit shot? - coz lettuce soup.

If u are nervous by nature, or over tired, sometimes that can make us a bit 'constipated' and if we are constipated, then we get grumpy.. Grumpy and nervous, is not a good combination is it!  Here is a top tip from Dr Shyam Singha who used to be my homeopath.  He was an incredible man, and I was blessed in this life to have him as my natropath at the age of 13 to 27.. I learned 'so much' from him and in times of need I only have to think about him and his 'presence' hovers to the rescue.  There are many stories that I will relay about Dr Shyam Singha through this blog journey, but the main thing I want to start with is that I think he has inspired many people.. Especially wondering if he was the inspiration behind Gillian McKeiths 'quote' "You are what you eat".. I say this because Dr Shyam had a radio show in the 80's on radio 4, and once told a truck driver who was moaning about feeling rubbish all the time and saying that he ate nothing but Mcdonalds, Kentucky, and cafe food, 'If you eat shit, you are shit'! Was Dr Singhas reply and recommended a fruit fast and 'inner cleansing'. Sadly after this quote, Mcdonalds tried to sue him, and his 'radio slot' was banned. Shyam was a 'Fiber Punk'.  If we have a badly food combine and don't have enough fiber in our diet then you could well be storing pounds and pounds of this stuff, which is stopping your body from absorbing minerals and vitamins. MUCOID PLAGUE.. It sounds like a punk band! I'm sure alot of punks had this problem also as it makes u feel grumpy, negative, and a bit aggressive.  

This soup is also great for hangovers, or Sunday afternoons when one is on a 'come down', or having regrets about night before.  Dont' be so hard on yourselves!  'Coz we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy" (seal).  

This recipie is a soup, but I have adapted it slightly as Shazzie told me the other day that u can actually make soups 'raw' but warm for the (spleen energy).  I used to 'cook' this soup by frying the onions first, adding ginger and stirfrying in the lettuce then adding broth.  But now that I am eating Raw food, I am turning into a raw soup instead... If u are a cooked fooder, then fine just try not to over stirfry it before u add the stock and blend.  Sometimes warming foods a little might suit some people, especially if they have spleen issues.  Also buying a Dehydrator is a good idea as u can warm things in that also.  

COZ LETTUCE SOUP.  (this soup is also fantastic to have a cup full before bed to aid sleeplessness).  Lettuce is sophoric which means 'calming'.  And it's brilliant for those highly strung nervy types like myself.  Dr Singha recommended that I ate one coz lettuce a day, and 5 ripe figs'.  For this u will need a blender.

1 coz lettuce
1 small chopped red onion (red onions are a great blood cleanser)
stock (himalayan salt, vegetable broth)
yeast flakes (engevita)  some use marmite, but I prefer to ommit as much 'active yeast' out of my diet as possible to avoid candida in the gut.  Engevita is a lovely vegan food to have in your kitchen and is great for flavouring or adding that 'meaty' touch.  Candida can make one very grumpy indeed.
1 ounce ginger (juiced)
(freshly made hemp milk) - 'optional' to give it creamy taste
boiled water left to cool a bit
fresh herbs - thyme is a nice one, or mixed herbs.

tear up a whole coz lettuce, add to it a tablespoon of engevita, pinch of himalayan salt, some fresh ginger juice, a very small red onion, the herbs, then a pint of the boiling water (cooled to withstand), OR warmed Hemp Milk, and blend.  Drink and Chillax.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

A night out with J-tek.

Last night I went out to the Launch party of  J-Tek in Shoreditch.. The day before I got in the kitchen and made some 'love heart' raw choccies.  I used Shazzie's cacau butter, coconut oil, raw cacau powder, lacuma, hemp seeds, goji berries, vanilla essence, macca powder, and some natural sweetner 'agave nectar' which is 'so much sweeter and delicious.  I mixed it all up without 'boiling the oils first'.  The Cacau butter tends to be quite hard, so u have to carefully break a bit up with a blunt knife.. I melt the butter very slowly so that it doesn't boil and lose it's precious properties. Then just add the powder, cacau nibs, bee pollen, goji, lacuma, hemp, macca etc.. U can throw anything u like in with it i.e hazlenuts, are a nice change etc..  Shazzie and David Wolfe have just bought out an 'AMAZING book all about the properties in chocolate.. I had no idea that it is also a perfect 'natural anti-depressant' aid.  I have once been on prozac for a mild case of post natal depression, and have to say that the raw food diet with added cacau, has been way more effective than being on those pills, which made me feel incredibly 'acidic' and caused me digestive problems.  I told my G.P about it, and she was really interested actually.. More love in the world, and good food, is way better than handing over millions of pounds to the Anti-depressant industry - sigh and I feel blessed to have an open minded GP.  So last night, I took the chocolates to the club and handed some out.. They went down a treat :) especially when my dear friend Katheryn at one point looked at me and said 'kirsty i'm starving'.. I found a spare chocolate by the DJ booth and gave it to her... she soon got back on that dance floor :)  I have to admit though that I did drink some beer last night, and have realised that it was not half as nice a feeling as the chocolate and music combined.  I learned a new lesson there.  All in good time ;)  All links to Shazzie and David wolfe are on left of the blog just click and educate :)

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Why 'rave food'. Well I have recently been inspired by a 'new resurgance' of Rave music, and the old skool attitudes that was once 'for the love' of life, and evolution in spirit. I am from the Rave Generation when it all begin in 1988. I am almost 40 years old, and I am proud to be who I am, I think 'lying' about your age and worrying about aging is bollocks, and I actually want people to know that I am not in denial, but proud to be a mature woman, with a young spirit, and zest for life. A high Raw food diet over the years, has really helped me to do all the things I do, I am a very dynamic person by nature, and people often say HOW DO U DO IT ALL!, Well I thought it would be 'stingy' not to share some of my secrets.. I am not a 'tee total', I do love the occasional piss up, but I also know how important it is to 'balance', so am veering more towards the raw chocolate highs now. I recently met Shazzie, who has just produced a fantastic book all about Raw Chocolate with David Wolfe, and next week I am really hoping to hang out with Kate Magic who has just published a new book recipie on raw foods which is absolutely AMAZING. All the links are to the left of this blog so browse in your own time.. I am now be able to share some of my experiences in life especially of those relating to knowledge of how 'energy' and especially 'food' diet, can help us to live a full and exciting life. This blog is going to be all about 'that side' of things. I will be inviting others into contributing their knowledge, video blogging, and being as sickeningly healthy as I can :).