Friday, 1 May 2009


Well we've all heard about Swein Flu. What can we do about it to protect ourselves.. I have been talking to various friends who are interested in Healthy living, and here are some of the things they recommended.

1. Wash Hands thoroughly, and carry some of that hand wash around that doesn't need water.
2. Colloidal Silver nasal spray. Any signs of a tingling zap it with this stuff. Also use it on flights, even better a good face mask.
3. Boost immune system with Raw foods and try and keep as alkaline as possible so that a virus can't have a nice breeding ground in which to thrive.
4. Grilled Oranges for breakfast. Just cut oranges into quarters then grill till blackened on top. The Pith combined with the juice creates a good blood cleanser - read previous blog.
5. Dale Pinnock recommended the amazing Mushroom family like Reishi, Maiki, I use Host Defense HOST DEFENSE

6. Laughter is the best immune booster. Try not to dwell on the Armageddon aspects, enjoy the now, and try not to worry so much. We're all going to die one day anyway, it's a fact.


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Blaq Berry said...

lol @ animal pics... I think many of us have enjoyed a good laugh at how the media over-excites things. They've taken a new turn now, but it still comes down to each of us doing our part in keeping our immunity in check. Thank you for the insightful tips. I've recently been interested in including herbal mushroom blends into my regimen.