Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I just spoke to a dear friend of mine, we discussed detoxing a bit and I wanted to share how to make the Ultimate Smoothie. I have been having this smoothie now for over 6 months

I learned this at the Karuna retreats in Devon UK..


sesame seeds,
sunflower seeds,
pumpkin seeds,
shelled hemp seeds (or with husks if preferred)
goji berries (there is a dispute which i heard today that goji are full of toxins due to pesticides used growing them.. so don't always be fooled by the 'organic tag'. I will keep them in though as I rather like them :), but I heard this today from a reliable organic shop manager who said goji's were just hype.
cacau nibs,
raw cacau powder
seaweed salad
macca powder
bee pollen
barley grass
wheat grass
pure synergy
frozen berries (strawberry, rasberry, blueberry)
banana (not if candida is present in gut, avoid sugary fruits)
fresh juice (organic apple) or grapefruit if candida present.

Overnight if possible, soak the seeds, a tablespoon of each ideally... So sesame, sunflower, linseeds, hemp, and some of the seaweed salad.. (dried wakame) and goji berries..

In the morning add the fruit, teaspoon of bee pollen, barley grass, wheatgrass powder, (pure synergy), and add juice or water even.. For those with a sweet tooth you can also add a little Agave nectar which is a fantastic sweetner that is very much like honey but low in glycemic index so it doesn't spike your insulin levels. Add some cacau nibs, raw cacao powder, bee pollen, basically all of it and blend up in a good blender. I highly recommend investing in a blender that will last a lifetime if yo uare going to go seriously raw, but a standard one will do.

I have heard from forums that this is a good one and lower in price than other competitors. though I would personally love to have a vitamix as they seem to be the most popular.

drink and enjoy your day - you will notice it turn out more hopeful just by the way this smoothie makes you feel.. I also has more nutrition and minerals in it than the average person gets in two weeks apparently.

In the summer I add nettles, raw lettuce, and some dandelion leaves.. even flowers that are edible :))) for the love factor.

nothing like rose petals on ones breakfast to open the heart...


Blaq Berry said...

This smoothie sounds wonderful. I'm missing a few things on your list, but I'll definitely give it try with what I do have.

I too have come across similar info in regard to goji berries. I also still use them - find them very beneficial. The ones I currently buy are distributed by a company called Ultimate Superfoods (formerly Ultimate Raw Foods) They check the purity of their products and the gojis under their label have been the best I've had so far. I immediately noticed a difference after eating them, too. That experience had me thinking the ones I ate prior must not have been too clean, but "ugh" who really knows. There are a few other companies popping up with similar stringent guidelines, may soon check them out. I'll post links here to any that seem okay in case anyone might be interested.

RAVEFOOD said...

This is a very good point. I actually got into a good discussion with an organic shop assistant the other week about the hype on Goji. Apparently they are full of pesticides and quite toxic as a result. I have cut them out for now and may invest in my own plant instead so that i know they haven't ben sprayed. Thanks Blaq Berry x